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Kyneton Smallbore is a family friendly 20m indoor rifle club based in Central Victoria. Originally formed in 1954, the club operates year-round at the corner of Beauchamp and Jeffrey Streets in Kyneton.



Our membership spans from juniors aged 12 years all the way to veteran shooters in their 70s and 80s. We shoot two main disciplines at 20m – prone, or “lying down” and benchrest shot from a seated position, but we are also certified to host 10m air rifle shot from the standing position.



Kyneton Smallbore is affiliated with the Target Rifle Victoria and Target Rifle Australia. We compete in individual and team competitions around the state throughout the year.

About Target Shooting

What is Target Shooting?


Smallbore target shooting is one of the few sports where everyone can compete on an equal basis regardless of age, gender or body type. It is a fun sport which rewards self discipline over brute strength and offers continual challenges to all participants no matter what their level of experience may be. For decades the sport has been practiced around the world, from local club up to Olympic standard and a shooter’s success is proportional to their dedication. If you are looking for a new pursuit, then give shooting a try!

Who can Shoot?


In short, just about anybody over the age of 12! Lack of experience is no barrier, nor is lack of a Firearm License or your own equipment. Anyone interested in trying the sport is invited to come and see us on Thursday nights when we have our weekly shoot or to contact the club by email. We are happy to answer any questions. Visitors may come and try shooting at the club 4 times before deciding if they would like to join or obtain a license. We have a good selection of club equipment available to use at the range, so initial costs to give shooting a try remain quite modest for visitors and novice shooters alike.

Is it Safe?


Target shooting remains one of the safest sporting activities on offer anywhere. Safety is absolutely paramount in what we do and we have full endorsement from Victoria Police to operate our shoots. Our range has strict operating procedures and new shooters are personally supervised. However, experienced shooters continue to practice safe handling at all times.

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Visitor Information

Our visitor nights are Thursday's each week, all year round except for Christmas. We open at 7pm and you do not need to bring any equipment other than yourself. It is recommended that you wear closed toe shoes and clothes that you are happy to lie down on the ground in.

Visitor Fees:


This includes equipment hire, supervision, and ammunition.

You are allowed to attend as a visitor for four nights before being required to join the club as a member.

Kyneton SBRC

Corner of Beauchamp and Jeffrey Streets in Kyneton

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